Stanley Pre School

3 YEARS TO SCHOOL AGE - £60 for 6-week term (Fully booked with waiting list)

Our preschool classes continue to teach independent swimming with or without the use of swimming aids, vital lifesaving skills and water confidence.

A maximum of 4 swimmers are in the water with an instructor. If this number is exceeded another instructor will be in the pool to assist. Parents do not need to be in the water for these classes. – Please note Instructors are teaching poolside until further notice so a parent/ adult will be required in the water with the swimmer.

Children aged three years that have not had swimming lessons are encouraged to attend our Adult and Toddler Turtles class first.

Lessons are available Monday- Friday between 09:30-12:00, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

For all enquiries, please use our form on our  ‘Contact Us’ page